Brittish Shorthair kittens were born 3.06. 2011

Litter «I»

Collection «Colors» – Isabelline, Ianthine, Indigo, Iris

For the moment all our kittens have moved to new families. We are happy to know that all of them live in kind and friendly families.

Good luck, girls!

Kittens are 2 weeks old in the photo

Parents: Dad: GIC Tassulähteen ÄhäkuttiMom: CAC Hiser-BlueSky

GIC Tassulähteen Ähäkutti, owner Sari Salminen, breeder Pipsa Sahrman

Hiser-BlueSky, our female cat


ISABELLINE NoblesseOblige

Isabelline 1 monthes old

Isabelline 6 monthes old
Curious & playful little girl
FeLV, FIV negative, blood B
Isabelline lives in Arkhangelsk
Isabelline’s gallery



IANTHINE NoblesseOblige

Ianthine 4 weeks old
Ianthine 6 monthes old
Calm & sociable little girl
FeLV, FIV negative, blood B
Ianthine stays in  our cattery
Ianthine’s personal WEB page
Ianthine’s gallery

INDIGO NoblesseOblige

Indigo 1 month old
Indigo 6 monthes old
Calm & friendly little girl
FeLV, FIV negative, blood A
Indigo lives in Arkhanglelsk (co-ownership with our cattery)
Indigo’s personal WEB page
Indigo’s Gallery



IRIS NoblesseOblige

Iris 1 month old
Very curious & mobile little girl
FeLV, FIV negative, blood B
Iris lives in Tampere, Finland
Iris’s Gallery

Iris 6 monthes old