25.05.2013 We are happy to announce that new Cat Fancy Club  »Advance» was established in Arkhangelsk recently. The President of the Club is Ivan Vorobyev. If you are interested to know more please contact us

27-28.04.2013 Cat show in Severodvinsk.  We are Best Litter in Monobreed show, NOM BIS first and second day, Best Litter of 1st day of show. Crown of Noblesse Oblige is the Best tortie kitten in Special  tortie show!



6.04.2013 We have very good news! Last Saturday in Cat Show «Sodruzhestvo» in Moscow Ivan succesfully passed the exam for judge`s pupil in WCF! Congratulations, my dear! I am proud of you!

24.02.2013 Our white bear Raf (Garibaldis’ Rafaello) started his show carrier in open class in cat show in St-Petersburg 23-24.02.2013. He got his CAC, took 8th place in WCF-adult ring and became Best of Breed in Monobreed show. Good start!

24.12.2012 Together with our friends we have organized and successfully h0ld The New Year Cat Show. It was bright, funny and wonderful! It was really cool!  Happy New Year to all of you!

17-18.11.2012  Our lovely tortie girl Vaksa fulfilled Champion title and opened InterChampion, Rafaello was nominated both days in cat show 17-18.11.2012. Gorgeous Bongo became Best In Show 18.11.2012. Congratulatons!

31.10.2012 We got Bongo`s Certificate of World Champion! We are very happy and proud for that. Congratulations to our best friend and Bongo`s breeder Tea Haapasaari!

29-30.09  Our sweet tortie girl EastWest Autumn Leaf (Vaksa) started her career in open class with great success! She took 9th place in WCF adult ring among 96 cats! She became Best adult cat in SH and BOB III of the second day of the cat show in Sergiev Posad. We are proud of Vaksa because she won a competition for a Best Grooming! Congratulations!


2.09.2012  Bongo got his final CACM in cat show 2.08.2012! Congrats, lovely cat! Now this is the time to prepare the documents for World Champion Certificate!  4th place in WCF-ring as well.

25-26.08 Bongo got two CACM in International Cat Show in Tallinn and was NOM BIS. He took 8th and 10th places in WCF-rings. We were happy to participate in such a nice show in so beautiful town!

16-17.06.2012 We have participated in World Cat Show in St-Petersburg. Bongo got his final CAGCE and became GrandEuroChampion. He also got his first CACM and NOM BIS in first show day. We are very glad and proud!

9-10.06.2012 Indigo NoblesseOblige became Best of the Best (BOB I) of the second day of International Cat show in Arkhangelsk, the best adult female in Monobreed show and took 2nd place in  WCF ring adults. Our open-heart congratulations to our co-owners. We wish you new victories!

Bongo took 4 place in WCF ring adult and got his second CAGCE

Vaksa took 8 place in WCF ring junior and became Best junior in Monobreed show. NOM BIS both days!

19.05.2012 Indigo NoblesseOblige took first place in WCF ring, became  BOB II and fulfilled the title InterChampion in Cat Show in town Cherepovech!  Congratulations!!!

5- 6.05.2012  Bongo has got his final CACE and fulfilled the title EuroChampion in International Cat Show in Zaporozhye, Ukraine! Congratulations to our lovely cream boy!

Ianthine NoblesseOblige got her first CAC in open class and Ex1!

14-15.04.2012 Indigo NoblesseOblige got the Champion title at the International Cat Show in Arkhangelsk. She was nominated BIS both days. Indigo also became Best Adult Female at Monobreed Show and Best opposite sex SH for both days. We congratulate our charming girl, our co-owner Elena and her brave son Sergei (he was the Indigo’s handler) ! Guys, you are cool!

17-18.03.2012 Bongo has got 2 CACE and 2 NOM BIS in «Eurasia 2012″ cat show in Ekaterinburg 17-18 March 2012. Congrats, great boy!

1.03.2012 Ivan has graduated the cource «Intepreter for FelinoEnglish». Congratulations, my dear!


06.02.2012 Bongo is Best BRI male and Best BRI adult in monobreed BRI show and 3rd place in WCF adult ring

Indigo got Ex1, Ianhine Ex2 in comparison with each other. Ianthine took 6th place in WCF junior ring.

Congratulations to our lovely cats!

20.01.2012 Good news again! We have registered our cattery Noblesse Oblige in TICA – The International Cat Association! Reg number 23366 from 13.12.2011





20.12.2011 That`s it! We received the official WCF registration of our cattery! Happy birthday Cattery Noblesse Oblige! Reg number 2437-2011 dated on 14.12.2011







10.12.2011 Ianthine NoblesseOblige took 4th place in WCF-ring in Cat Show in Arkhangelsk

9.11.2011 Yesterday Bongo became the father of six lovely kittens! Detailes are presented here

1.11.2011 Ianthine NoblesseOblige – the Best Kitten in monobreed show and Best kitten in Show («Vologda meetings, 29-30.2011, Vologda, Russia)

17.10.2011 All our kittens have moved to their new houses. Indigo and Ianthine are planned for breeding next year. Isabelline stays in kind and friendly family in Akhangelsk. Iris lives in Tampere, Finland in pleasant and kind family. Good luck, girls!

08.09.2011 Yulia has become a member of Brittikissat!

21.08.2011 Ivan has got the first experience as a steward in International Cat Show in Yaroslavl. Congratulations and good luck!