Litter N of Noblesse Oblige was born December, 5th 2015

The name collection is Stars


dad — GICh Garibaldi`s Rafaello (BRI w, white)

mom – ICh EastWest Autumn Leaf (BRI h, chocolate tortie)


There are 3 kittens in the litter — 1 red boy and 2 blue tortie girls 

If you have any questions we will be happy to answer. Please use page Contacts or find us on facebook 


Kittens are 7 weeks old in the pictures

Navi of Noblesse Oblige

Blue tortie (BRI g)



Navi 1

Nash of Noblesse Oblige

Red boy (BRI d)


Nash 2

Nashira of Noblesse Oblige

Blue tortie (BRI g)

Moved to a new home! 

Nashira 6