Litter I of Noblesse Oblige was born April, 1st 2015

The name collection is Gemstones


dad – GICh Kyarvi  Sultan  Black  Diamond (BRI n, black)

mom – ICh Crown of Noblesse Oblige (BRI f, black tortie)


There are 2 kittens in the litter — 1 red boy and 1 black tortie girl 

 Pedigree of Litter I of Noblesse Oblige

Kittens photos of different age is available in our fb page

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Kittens are 3 wks old in the photo

Ivory of Noblesse Oblige, BRI f

Moved to a new home!


Iolite of Noblesse Oblige, BRI d, boy

Moved to a new home!