Champion (WCF)

Hermiona Bonibrit*LT

British Shorthair (BRI)

Color: blue (BRI a)

DOB: 15 .01. 2013

Dad: NW`12 Supreme Ch (FIFe) Panther Secret Recipe*SK, BRI a

Mom: Lady Nica von Bullerbue, BRI a

Breeder:  Jolanta Dambrauskaite, Cattery Bonibrit (Lithuania, Vilnius)

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Hermiona is 10 months old


Hermiona 10 months old








This wonderful girl has the name of wizard-girl Hermiona from the books about Harry Potter. The name fully suits the amazing magic character of the cat. Her tenderness and huge socialization don’t let anybody any chance not to love her. Absolutely great temperament, expressive eyes of the deep dark amber color, dense coat of perfect texture and light blue color and always playful mood made Hermiona totally beloved by everybody in our family.

We are really grateful to her breeder Jolanta for trusting us this little wizard!

Hermiona 8 months old

7 months old


Little Hermiona