InterChampion (WCF)

Crown of Noblesse Oblige (Blum)

British Shorthair (BRI)

Color: black tortie (BRI f)

DOB: 01 .12. 2013

Dad: WCh FI*Ferme Bongo, BRI e  

Mom: GICh EastWest Autum Leaf, BRI h

Breeders: Ivan and Yulia, Cattery Noblesse Oblige

Crown 10 months old







Baby Blum was born in our Cattery from our gorgeous cream boy Bongo and our sweetheart chocolate-tortie Vaksa. From the very beginning Blum was a special girl. Her really big eyes of deep and rich color, her bright, silky and plush coat and her very lovely temperament make everybody fall in love with her from first sight.

The name Crown can also be interpreted as Queen. The behavior of this girl was typically royal from the very birth, so she got that name. And the home pet name Blum was given to her by our little son. This is a name of one of the cartoon Fairy-Princess.

Blum is our beloved girl and our little star!

Blum 11 wks old

Blum 11 wks old

Blum 11 wks old


Little Blum

Blum 2 wks old